How Can Aerial Photography Benefit Your Company????

Commercial drone use is defined as anything that benefits or can benefit a company. Taking drone pictures for construction or developer companies is intended for commercial use. This means that you need real estate video tour georgia approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, which also has a list of guidelines to follow. Imagine the potential of an unmanned aircraft system to take pictures of ideal properties, e.g.

CS3 takes drone photography at the national level so that everyone can capture their property from above. If you are a real estate professional and are ready to use drones for the time being, not so quickly. It is not that easy to buy a drone, put it in the air and press some buttons. Use drones professionally for real estate, it must be a commercially licensed drone pilot or long-distance pilot, as the FAA calls it. The license includes the acceptance of an FAA test that covers aviation problems, ranging from airspace regulations and restrictions to aviation physics.

According to CASR Part 101, companies / persons operating remote-controlled aircraft must have an operator certificate, as well as manned aircraft operators. Drivers of commercially operated remote-controlled aircraft must also be licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority . While a small RPAS and aircraft model can actually be identical to the aircraft model, an RPAS can enter the controlled airspace with permission and work very close to an airfield. The first commercial aerial photography company in the UK was Aerofilms Ltd, founded in 1919 by World War I veterans Francis Wills and Claude Graham White. The company soon expanded to a large order business in Africa, Asia and the UK.

The progress of technology has been to constantly introduce and improve our way of life. Compared to the old way of taking aerial photos that require helicopters; The introduction of drones has brought the game and the trend to a higher level. Using a drone or aerial view in the real estate industry offers many positive advantages. Aerial photos not only capture great images and videos, but can also display properties on a different level. The more attractive and detailed the presentation of the property, the more likely it is that buyers will buy.

With drones photography you can take the same kind of historical picture, possibly without Hollywood effects. You don’t even need a movie kit – all you need is a remote-controlled drone, also called an unmanned aircraft and some affordable camera devices. On the other hand, you can hire a professional drone photographer to do all the hard work for you, in the end; You get incredible historical footage and show your property in the best possible light. Aerial photography and real estate video are easily accessible and equally important for modern online agents and buyers. Aerial photography also enables agents to take advantage of the future of marketing. And it helps highlight important places, nearby facilities, and even square meter dimensions.

The aerial view offers a unique panoramic view of a scene, be it an area, an object or a motif. A house for sale or a physical location of the company while highlighting the surroundings. A large sporting event can be captured from above, demonstrating excerpts from live action and showing the extent of the crowd. Intimate moments between a friend and a friend, environmental impact assessments and mapping can be done with aerial photos. Thanks to captured images of this type of photography, property disputes can even be resolved. With the drones of real estate, potential home buyers can see parts of their home that may not be visible on the floor, such as:.

Dron photography is usually one of the most efficient and economical forms of digital marketing. Instead of a complete production team, drones are flown by an experienced operator. Professional drones can fly up to 10 km from their operator at a speed of 40 miles per hour and take photos of 48 megapixels.