# 1 Security Services And Firefighters

During a normal security patrol schedule, the main tasks of Fast Guard-trained uniformed security officers include access control, crowd management and surveillance. Allowing total discretion to determine who enters the company or event is the first step in risk management. Our guards are trained to identify immediate risks and eliminate those risks as soon as possible.

Many famous people will hire guards known as bodyguards or a company of guards to protect them. Sometimes a company hires a security guard, or goes to a company with a group of security officers and hires the company, not the person. Mobile patrol guards concierge security patrol a special vehicle day and night to verify suspicious or threatening activities. Sher group patrol guards are controlled by a security labeling system to record the times and dates when patrol guards have checked certain parts of the country.

The security industry we know today was founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton with the founding of the Chicago-based Pinkerton National Detective Agency. This quickly became one of the largest and most prominent security services in the industry. One of the agency’s main customers was railway operators or companies that were regularly victims of criminals who stole passengers and freight trains and personal items. From trained guards to personal bodyguards and mobile security patrols, these companies have seen it all and done it all.

When considering the safety of its customers, the protection of the armed guard is of the utmost importance. When you hire an armed guard from the Rapid Guard Service, your safety and the safety of your customers is our number one priority. Our security advisers are highly trained and provide you with the protection you need while maintaining a courteous attitude and professional behavior. They carry deadly weapons and probably small firearms in the workplace. They must undergo additional training and certification of state-ordered firearms to obtain an armed surveillance license to legally carry a firearm. Armed guards are often ex-military or law enforcement officers because they are aware of how the firearm works.

Due to the high level of knowledge and training, our unarmed employees know how to act in an orderly and fast manner in any situation that may arise. Off-duty officers have hired companies of all sizes and across industries. Any business owner or property manager can take advantage of the presence of skilled and reliable guards. After all, the time and cost of training their own security personnel is more than most companies can afford. The private security services of off-duty officers allow you to do business with the peace of mind that you know your business is protected.