Abbey Clancy Voted Football’s Sexiest WAG

The lovely Abby Clancy has been voted the sexiest WAG in football. Liverpool’s blonde girlfriend and England striker Peter Crouch beat Cheryl Cole, wife of England team-mate Ashley Cole, in second place.

Abby Clancy, 21, was born in Liverpool and became famous when she started playing darts against the 6ft 7in English striker. She has since starred in the TV show Hell’s Kitchen and has just finished keeping a diary.

Joe Cole’s remarkable fitness coach, Carly zucker, 26, finished third, with Ellen Reeves, the fiancee of Spanish-born Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard, who was born in Spain. Melanie Slade, the 18-year-old partner of Arsenal prodigy Theo Walcott, finished fifth.

Unfortunately, the poll won’t be a pleasant read for poor old Victoria Beckham, wife of Los Angeles football player David Beckham. Self-proclaimed WAG leader Posh Spice, 33, jumped from his seat at number 17.

Carl Christensen, MD of People’s Club, who interviewed 3,000 football fans, said: “Abby Clancy was the clear winner and it’s not hard to see why. She has almost everything that a young multi-millionaire footballer can have. . “

“I think the only question football fans would like to answer is what the hell is she and Peter Crouch?”

‘It was good to see a few wags down to the ground like Melanie Slade and Carly zucker, juggling a career or working hard to get a good qualification,’ also featured in the poll. Aim to be a WAG, and why guys aspire to be footballers when they know they can hang out with someone as sexy as all these WAGs. “

24-year-old Outspoken Girls Aloud singer Cheryl married former Arsenal defender Ashley Cole last year.

Among the other drugs in the top 20 was Mrs Wayne Rooney, 21-year-old Colin McLaughlin, who was voted sixth. Colin has been with Manchester United and England striker Wayne since he was first signed by everton.

Jermain Defoe may now be in disgrace with Spurs, but his fiance certainly isn’t. 25-year-old Charlotte Mears took seventh place.

Alex Curran, 25, who married Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard this summer, is eighth, followed by former Emmerdale star and wife of Australian Liverpool striker Harry Kewell, 32-year-old Sheri Murphy.

New England’s wife and Chelsea skipper John Terry, 24-year-old Tony Poole, finished in the top ten.

The old-school reader has a “representative” – budding Big Brother Imogen Thomas, a 24-year-old friend of royal family advocate Ibrahim Sonko.

And even fans of Ligue 1 outfit Yeovil Town have something to shout, because 32-year-old beauty from the boutique WAGS Jadin Bircham – wife of midfielder Mark – crept up to the 13th number.

Julie Phillips, 36, wife of West Bromwich Albion and England striker Kevin, was named the strongest wag in the WAG Championship.

Miss Beckham was stuck between two other WAGS playing for a club that lacked the glamour of LA Galaxy – Bristol City.

The 26-year-old singer Has been engaged to Robins striker Darren Byfield and former Atomic Kittens star Liz McLarnon, who is also 26, and lives with her teammate Lee Trundle.

While her husband Jamie is now focused on her expert career, 33-year-old Louise Redknapp has crept up to 20th place.

The 20 best WAGs in English football

  1. Abby Clancy – (Peter Crouch, Liverpool)
  2. Cheryl Tweedy – (Ashley Cole, Chelsea)
  3. Carly zucker – (Joe Cole, Chelsea)
  4. Helen Reeves – (Frank Lampard, Chelsea)
  5. Melanie Slade – (Theo Walcott, Arsenal)
  6. Colin McLaughlin – (Wayne Rooney, Manchester United)
    Charlotte Mears – (Jermain Defoe, Tottenham Hotspur)
  7. Alex Curran – (Stephen Gerrard, Liverpool)
  8. Sheri Murphy – (Harry Kewell, Liverpool)
  9. Tony Poole – (John Terry, Chelsea)
  10. Imogen Thomas – (Ibrahim Sonko, conference)
  11. Emma Hadfield – (Gary Neville, Manchester United)
  12. Jadin Bircham – (Mark Bircham, Yeovil)
  13. Julie Phillips – (Kevin Phillips, WBA)
  14. Radka Kochurova – (Tomas Rosicky, Arsenal)
  15. Jamelia – (Darren Byfield, Bristol)
  16. Victoria Beckham (David Beckham, LA Galaxy)
  17. Liz McLarnon – (Lee Trundle, Bristol City)
  18. Heather Swan – (Michael Chopra, Sunderland)
  19. Louise Redknapp – (Jamie Redknapp, ex-Liverpool)

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