Life is Short – Wag More, Bark Less!

Have you noticed that what we call news is mostly negative trauma and drama? Positive is buried in all the sensationalism of crimes, death, wars, politics and natural disasters. This is a rare opportunity to hear something touching and touching in our minds through the media. As the news becomes negative, it creates a more pessimistic and gloomy view of the world and life. Then people think that skepticism comes across reality when it’s just a conditional reaction to the food that their minds were getting over and over again, day in and day out, while watching the news.

And yet so much good is happening in the world. Presidents Clinton and Bush are teaming up to help rebuild Haiti. There are many charities that change the lives of many of the people they serve. Artists create beauty, save people and adopt pets who need a home, and Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people who need them. Why can’t we find more information here about such relevant stories? Wouldn’t it be great to have a news channel that only reports good news?

There are countless animal rescue services that are making a comprehensive effort to put an end to unnecessary euthanasia of domestic dogs and cats due to overcrowding. They’re looking for a home for the animals they need. There are people and their pets who work in pet treatment groups, visit nursing homes and kindergartens to cheer them up. Why don’t we hear about all these great actions and their consequences? There’s a lot of good news and good things to report. And I suspect that if people are initially skeptical of a news channel that is good news, it will eventually spread because people need it for hope, harmony and balance. People need inspiration.

The main reason I love my business and my job so much is that working with animals, especially with dogs, makes me feel good and reminds me to be in the moment and enjoy life. These are happy creatures that are more likely to lick and wag their tails than bark and bite. If they’re a little upset, they quickly shake and leave. They have so many good qualities that if we just watched the dogs, we wouldn’t be able to help ourselves have some fun. We could learn a lot from dogs about how to live a happier life if we barked less and less. They overcome bad things and move quickly, enjoying the good things and prolonging their pleasure as long as possible. Dogs for the most part preferred to be happy.

They prefer to be in flocks and therefore quickly put on leggings with others to maintain balance, peace and harmony for the whole pack. Their survival depends on it. Therefore, they focus on the good and quickly overcome the bad. We could learn a lot from dogs if we were modest enough to appreciate our own happiness. We could start by not watching the news or at least minimizing our exposure to the constant flow of negative events. We could make it our priority to be happy and make a choice in favor of those who reveal in us all the best and make us happy. We can get upset, act fast and find something that we like to feel that will lift our spirits. What would the world be like if we adopted the tactics of our humble companion, the dog? What would the world look like if we moved more and barked less, licked more and a little less? It’s nice to think, isn’t it? Follow the news that will make you move more and bark less!

Deborah Brightstar-Doggy Diva owns and operates Doggie Diva Pet Care, LLC, a licensed, connected and insured pet care company based in Tucson, Arizona. She personalizes her services, saying, “We take care of your pets and your home as if they were our own!” To approach and offer the highest quality of service and service to all its customers. Deborah’s intention is to exceed the expectations of her clients by using thoughtful additional details to show that she cares.

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