Football Speed Training Using WAGS

We all know that there are many effective speed training programs, but is there anyone who has really linked speed training with WAGS or agility gloves with weighting? The purpose of this article is to show how weighted gloves for agility can improve speed.

How can WAGS improve speed?

Hands and feet move together, adding weighted gloves to the hands provides more resistance and speed. We’ve all seen runners and walkers carry a little weight during workouts. This will increase the speed as if you removed a backpack weighing 5 or 10 pounds during a workout. In fact, weight lifting causes your body to move faster.

The advantage of the gloves with weights over small dumbbells is that the gloves provide resistance, and weight causes tension of the muscles of the hands and hands.

The use of gloves provides a relaxed state, which leads to more effective training and better development of muscle memory. They are much easier to use and more efficient than hand weighters.

Because the weights are on your hands rather than on them, you have more flexibility in your workouts. Unlike barbell bells, you have the freedom to play sports while increasing your strength and speed. Another advantage is that such training develops muscles that depend on the position, with an increase in speed and strength. The range of movements combined with constant movement will add strength to the main muscles, which will increase the speed of athletes.

No matter what football you play, you can practice that position. Linemen will see an increase in speed when they raise their hands and hands to lock, defensive linemen will see an increase in the speed and strength of the hands to repel the blocks, and the hosts will find that they have more to spare in the block. they have to climb high to make this critical hold.

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